A land of nomads, breath-taking mountains, winding mountain passes, and lots of dirt and gravel roads to explore. We would love to introduce you to our country and its many opportunities for adventure.

Our office in Bishkek is where it all started. IHN opened in 2013 in Bishkek and most services are still run out of our office here. We offer tours and rentals covering all of Central Asia (note that so far in 2022 an ongoing border dispute between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan prevents us from offering most services in Tajikistan). We also have a three bay mechanic’s workshop where you can have your car or motorcycle serviced.

Our office is located at the end of Tynalieva where it intersects with Abdrahmanov St. You can also take marshrutka 188 to the end, we are across the street from the final stop. The official address is Imankulov 1, but many maps and driver’s won’t know the address. The coordinates are: Bishkek Office Coordinates: 42°49’20.2″N 74°34’11.7″E (42.822270, 74.569920). And here is the address on Google Maps


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Unlimited Kilometers – Fully Insured

Rentals are by far the most popular product we offer and one of the best ways to see Kyrgyzstan. We can help you plan your route, or you can just take off and go! We’re just a phone call away whenever you need something.

In addition to a wide range of cars in a variety of classes, we also offer camping gear, rooftop tents, awnings, and more.

Vehicle Classes:

  • Expedition 4×4: Our top of the line, prepared 4x4s. Larger vehicles, good off-road tires, many have reinforced suspensions, and more. These are the cars ready to go on a long distance, difficult adventure. Examples include Ford Ranger and Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Standard 4×4: Generally smaller and not as comfortable for really long trips, though also capable and able to go the distance on bad roads. Examples include Suzuki Jimny and Mitsubishi Pajero.
  • Legacy 4×4: This category includes some older 4x4s that much like the Standard 4×4 category can go the distance but aren’t prepared for heavy expeditions.
  • Crossover 4×4: Lighter 4x4s that are good for exploring, but not for heavy expeditions. These are great for trips to Issyk Kul and are just fine for going to Song Kul as well. Most of our crossovers are Renault Dusters.
  • Economy: Asphalt road only cars that are great for trips to Issyk Kul or if you need something around town. Example: Renault Sandero Stepway.
  • Russian Rentals: Classic Russian cars. We buy the most recent production that we can find. These are for the experience. They aren’t all that reliable. There’s a pretty good chance you’ll end up in a mechanic’s shop meeting people you wouldn’t have otherwise met. Lots of fun to drive though! Depending on the season and what we’ve purchased recently we may have UAZ Hunters, UAZ 452 “Buhanka” vans, Lada Nivas, and Lada 2107 “Zhiguli” cars.

Travel outside of Kyrgyzstan is allowed with many of the cars. The fee for border crossing documents is 50$.
In general the following applies:

Kyrgyzstan: All cars limited by the types of roads you will drive.

Tajikistan: ***Currently not available due to a border conflict*** Expedition class, Standard 4×4, and the UAZ Hunters from the Retro Russian Class

Uzbekistan: Expedition class, Standard 4×4, Crossover 4×4, Economy, and Retro Russian (some legacy class may be allowed depending on the circumstances).

Kazakhstan: All classes with few exceptions. Choose model based on the types of roads you’ll drive.

Please check the general information page for more details in selecting the correct class for your trip.

Vehicles from the Bishkek office can be delivered to any location in Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan for a fee. Contact us if you need delivery.

Please read about allowed roads before choosing a vehicle class.

Rentals Include

  • Unlimited kilometers
  • Vehicle and 3rd party liability insurance
  • Border crossing documents if needed, please notify us in advance
  • Information on favorite locations throughout the region
  • Assistance planning your trip
  • Support in crossing the borders
  • Good spare tire
  • Spare fuel can(s) if needed
  • Basic repair tools
  • Additional drivers included for free (up to three total drivers)
  • Professional, English-speaking help available 24/7 by phone
  • All cars have WINTER TIRES from November through March

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Rental Terms and Conditions

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Motorcycle and Scooter Rentals

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