New for 2017! We have moved to a much larger facility and opened our own repair shop. As a result, if you are travelling through we can help you with making repairs to your vehicle or store it while you go travel by other means for a bit. We have repair facilities for both motorcycles, cars, and 4x4s. We can are happy to assist with maintenance and repairs no matter what you drive.


Email us in advance, if we don’t have what you need, we will try and find it before you arrive.

new officeRepair and Maintenance: 


  • Oil change (Kixx and Valvoline)
  • Filter change (common models in stock)
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Standard repairs
  • Parts purchasing and ordering
  • Supervision of outsourced specialty work
  • Fair pricing
  • English speaking staff

If you need service it’s best to email us ahead to make sure we have what you need in stock. If we have confirmation of when you’ll arrive we can source the consumables that you need. We have access to some of the largest distributors in the region, so chances are, if it’s available we can find it for you. Depending on how busy we are, you may also be able to rent a bay if you need some space to work and want to do your repairs yourself. Contact us for more info.


  • Secure facilities
  • Can perform repairs while in storage
  • Motorcycle: $25/month
  • Standard car or 4×4: $50/month
  • Larger vehicles: Negotiated Pricing
  • Storage for up to one year from the time you entered the Eurasian Economic Union without legal penalty

If your vehicle will be out of commission for a while, consider renting for the duration of your repairs. We have a fleet of motorcycles, scooters, cars, and 4x4s available here.  We would also love to have you stay at our bed and breakfast, Southside.