2016-04-12-food-prep-sokh-valleyOur English-speaking staff will work with you to design a trip that is as unique as you are. Rather than working off of a template for each tour, we talk with you to determine what interests you most and then develop a customized plan for your trip. This plan remains as flexible as possible allowing last minute changes and often even changes during the trip. Our goal is for you to get the absolute maximum out of your trip.

Tour prices is based on our flat rate system with a per day rate. In addition to allowing for flexibility, the flat rate system makes sure you know exactly what your tour will cost, no surprises. Our tour office is based in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and provides coverage of most of Central Asia, for most clients it is best to arrive and depart through Bishkek.

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Car and driver costs

  • Rugged 4×4: $240/day
  • Crossover AWD: $215/day
  • Economy Car: $190/day

p2219415Food and lodging per person

Includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day

  • Standard: $45/day
  • Upgraded: $60/day*
  • Luxury: $85/day*

*Assumes double occupancy.

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