Owning a car anywhere in the world can be challenging, but when overseas it is even harder to deal with challenges like getting insurance or figuring out where to get help when you’re broken down. For expatriate residents of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, we have developed a new program to provide assistance with all your car ownership needs. Based on the Automobile Association model available in many countries, we hope that we can become your partner in maintaining and enjoying your car during your time in Bishkek.

Roadside Services

  • Free roadside help in Bishkek (jumpstart, short tow, out of gas, etc) up to 4 times in a year[1][2]
  • Free organization of roadside help outside of Bishkek (client pays only the actual cost of services, no additional service charges)

Repair Services

  • Free vehicle diagnostics at IHN’s repair shop located near Upper Djal (https://goo.gl/maps/87dYbEznQBM2)
  • 10% discount on oil changes and labor charges on repairs
  • Sourcing of parts for repairs[3]
  • Preventative maintenance reminders
  • Guaranteed stock of oil and air filters for your specific car at our workshop
  • Free loaner car during repairs[4]

Consultation and Travel Services

  • Free quotes and registration of insurance through IHN’s approved partner at IHN’s reduced rate No need to go to the insurance office, we can handle everything right from our office
  • Free consultation for planning a trip in Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan).
  • Access to special discounts at hotels
  • Access to IHN’s network of local contacts and homestays at cost
  • Discount on car rentals (5% from May through September, 10% from October through April)
  • 24/7 English speaking emergency contact phone


First year: $300 (additional vehicles $200 each)[5]

Annual Renewal: $200 (additional vehicles $150)4

[1]This applies to services including jump starts and short tows with a strap. Larger services like tow trucks are paid by the client at IHN’s discounted rate and are based on distance.

[2] After 4 in-city roadside assistance calls will be charged at a discounted market rate for the service.

[3]Our staff goes to the bazaar and sources parts for your vehicle, no need to go yourself.

[4]Subject to availability. Typically available in the winter, but not always in the summer.

[5] Additional vehicles reside at the same address in the same family.